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All posts tagged Johnnie Walker Green

Johnnie Walker – A change in the lineup


Diageo is shaking things up a bit with changes to the all familiar lineup of  Johnnie Walker labels. Read more…


Johnnie Walker Private Scotch Tasting

Christmas time is upon us again.  Most of us struggle with what to get our friends and loved ones.  Every year Neiman Marcus includes in their Christmas Book a section called Fantasy Gifts which astonishes and sparks the imagination; gifts that have usually been reserved for ones of exceptional means, which would be expected of a premiere luxury store like Neiman Marcus.  This holiday season in addition to the million dollar dancing fountains from WET (the same fountains you’ll find at the Bellagio… and yes, it’s $1,000,000) and the Ferrari FF, bespoke exclusively for Neiman Marcus, is a gift that truly keeps on giving – The Johnnie Walker Private Scotch Tasting. Read more…


Keep Striding with Johnnie


Among the best and most well-known in scotch blends come from Johnnie Walker.  For almost two centuries of progress with astounding vision and creativity, the scotch has evolved into flavors just waiting to taste and endure.  Its purity is unlike any other scotch.  Read more…