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Destination: Casa Bacardi

bacardi_logoHome of Bacardi

Bacardi Rum; it is the resourceful rum that has engaged a cocktail reformation.  Bacardi history spans one-hundred and fifty years, with a vision from the original founder, Don Facundo Bacardo Masso.  The company is superior in its rums, such as the original Bacardi and he intense Bacardi 151. Read more…


Tastefully Simple Organics

Take a taste for a better environment without sacrificing flavor with organic liquors.  The wide-spread trend is taking the liquor industry by storm.   Drinking organically is not just for health-conscious purists, but also those that believe in a completely natural distillation processes.   Expect to see more stock of organics in retailers, bars and restaurants more than ever.   Why go organic?  Enjoy organic for better taste, a boost to your overall health, and engaging in earth-friendly processes.   Another plus, is that you can become an endless imbiber with the extra selections to taste. Read more…


True Irish Toastings

St. Patricks Day

Be the luck of the Irish for one day of the year, even if you are not even slightly Irish. When celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, do it with Irish eyes smiling and toasting with some of Ireland’s best beers. Do not be fooled. There are pseudo-Irish beers that claim to be from the country. Contrary to belief, dropping green food coloring into a pitcher of Bud Light does not make it an Irish beer either. Ireland is known for heavy stouts and lighter ales. To enjoy your St. Patty’s to the fullest; make sure you know your Irish Beer 101.

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Drink Like a Celebrity


It is no doubt that the stars like what they drink.  The newest trend now is that they make what they like. The illusion of fame and fortune by association seems to be working because their liquors are flying off the shelves.   Many celebs are investing in other interests to profit on something that will always be around. Read more…


Jack Daniels


Joyfully Jack

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Roll this Barrel

BarrelHoust Flat - 2624 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago
The Barrelhouse Flats takes classic to a new level Read more…



Belvedere Breaks the (RED) Tape Read more…


Absolut Double Elyx

Absolut takes a turn for the double-flavor and natural…with its Elyx.  For the last decade the masters at Absolut have worked to create a soft blend with naturally filtered water.  The result is a clean fresh taste with subtle fruity tones without sacrificing its texture. Read more…

To Cork or not to Cork?


The debate continues as to whether wine corks or screw tops are better.  It really depends on your personal preferences.   Is it taste that you are after?  Do you value tradition?  Perhaps you are a savvy environmentalist? Read more…


The Devil’s Cut


May Day!  Jim Beam gets devilishly good in just two months.  Jim Beam Devil’s Cut will be introduced and it is unlike anything else…literally.  The masters at Beam have unequivocally coined an extraction process for the liquid bourbon that gets trapped in the wood.  The excess that is bottled is what creates the  Devil’s Cut. Read more…